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Top Gadgets for Every Music Lover
Bluetooth Speakers & Wireless Earphones


Music is a driving force for a lot of people today. It acts as a stimulant just like coffee, powering up our morning runs and giving a new dimension to our otherwise boring work commute. For the modern music lover choosing the right electronic devices is of primary importance. Bluetooth speakers and wireless earphones are a must have for every music enthusiast. If you are a consumer and music lover in search of both these gadgets then read on.

Even the most ardent music lover may grow an aversion to music if presented with low quality devices. Crisp clear sounds along with a smart accessible design is what the modern listener looks for when purchasing earphones and speakers. Lumiford incidentally comes through on all accounts. Take their range of speakers for instance. There is variety in design and sound frequency. But the common factor is smart design catering to various consumer sets and crisp audio quality. The GoFash NY & GoFash Broadway are perfect for travel bugs who like to live life in style. The 2.1 Subwoofer on the other hand is for people looking for a multi-tasking device with a classic retro style design. The only thing remaining constant is the high sound quality and the affordable price tag.

For people who like their music on the go, Lumiford has their wide range of bluetooth earphones. The entire range is aimed at promoting an active lifestyle, with long extended battery life, lightweight comfortable design and high quality noise free sound. The entire Xploria HD range is built on comfort and high quality HD sound. The fact that they are splash and sweat proof makes them perfect for the gym and health buffs.

Searching for perfect music accessories is a long drawn battle between expectations and the purse strings. You could spend time and the energy looking for them in a sea of various choices. Or you could do the smart thing and invest in a Lumiford product. We assure you that you won’t regret it.

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