Bluetooth Headphones - Buy Wireless Headphones Online in India (2021)

Bluetooth Headphones - Buy Wireless Headphones Online in India (2021)

Lumiford is an iconic audio brand, renowned for its high definition sound, noise-canceling features, superior technology, and high-end design. Integrating wireless tech. in our offerings, we offer a splendid range of audio wearables like Wireless Headphones Online that delight audiophiles and deliver an immersive music listening experience. 

Bob Marley said, "When music hits you, you feel no pain." and science confirms this with studies revealing that humans are hardwired to respond to music in a positive manner. Music places people in a more relaxed state of mind and is even used to help relieve pain in some cultures. It is especially helpful in channeling out your emotions and connecting when you think that the world has isolated you. You find your solace in music.

Without a doubt, many times music is personal and that is why practical and useful, headphones were invented for effective music listening with every single beat being felt. In crowded places where you think there is no escape from the chatter all around you, you can just plug in your pair of noise-canceling wireless headphones, India and lose yourself in the music listening, movie watching or in a conversation with a friend. 

Best List of Latest Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Here, Lumiford brings you a wide range of wireless headphones, providing incredible sound quality and desirable hands-free comfort and convenience.

LUMIFORD HD60 Wireless Headphones

Sale Price Rs. 1399 

LUMIFORD HD50 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Sale Price Rs. 1499 

LUMIFORD HD70 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sale Price Rs. 1799 

LUMIFORD HD Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sale Price Rs. 

LUMIFORD HD Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Sale Price Rs. 

LUMIFORD XP60 Wireless Earphones

Sale Price Rs. 999 

LUMIFORD Max N60 Wireless in-Ear Earphones

Sale Price Rs. 999 

LUMIFORD XP70 in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones With Smart Magnetic Control

Sale Price Rs. 1699 
Check Out Full Specifications

LUMIFORD XP50 Wireless Neckband in-Ear Earphones With Noise Cancellation

Sale Price Rs. 3499 

LUMIFORD XP50 pro Wireless Neckband in-Ear Earphones With Noise Cancellation

Sale Price Rs. 3699 

LUMIFORD XP20 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Sale Price Rs. 999 
Check Out Full Specifications

LUMIFORD XploriaHD-XP40 Sports Earphones

Sale Price Rs. 999 

LUMIFORD XP10 Pro Bluetooth Earphones

Sale Price Rs. 2499 

Why Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones So Popular in India?

We are witnessing that people are choosing to purchase Wireless Headphones Online in India. They have gained massive fame due to the liberty of multitasking with no cables.

People had been waiting for such smart application of Bluetooth technology for a long and now that we are offered with a choice between wired and the latest wireless headphones, we are sure to go for the latter for a tangle-free experience.

How Many Types Of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Are There?

It is essential to know about the kinds of Headphones & Headsets available in the market and choose the ones which are best suited for you before you go on decide headphones style and design you desire.


These versatile earphones are the most popular with the audience for their cool look and the ease of use. They are lightweight, portable earphones opted by people for a sporty look and feel. Often accompanied with a neckband, they rest well around one's neck and goes with almost every attire. Be it a workout, work, or entertainment, all you need to do is plug in your in-ear headphones, and you are transported to a different plain that offers perfectly suited background music for the activity you have chosen to pursue.

Ear Buds

Taking Bluetooth connectivity to another level, true wireless earbuds offer a completely wireless experience in the true sense. As soon as their launch, there was much speculation about the utility of earbuds with notions such as earbuds falling off and getting lost floating around. However, they all were put to rest as people put earbuds to test and found that their design and ergonomics make them perfectly fit inside the human ear. Coupled with unrivalled sound output and complete handsfree comfort, earbuds soon gained massive popularity and are available in multifarious styles.


If you love the cushion comfort a pair of headphones provide and like to fall asleep while listening to ambient music, without a thought, you should opt for over-ear headphones. There is no better choice for you! The band keeps the headphones placed right on your ears and now, with the wireless technology Integrated, there is the hassle of untangling the cable before putting your headphones on. Explore the diverse styles and hues that over-ear headphones comes in to choose the one that matches your vibe.

Choose Wireless Headphones Online Under Your Budget

There are a plethora of options available in the range you want to buy a nice pair of headphones in.

Wireless Headphones Under 2500

Incredible wireless bluetooth connection, high-quality sound, noise-canceling features, and long battery life with many of playtime is what is offered with headphones under this range to let music lovers have an advanced musical experience. 

Wireless Headphones Under 2000

People can have an amazing musical experience close and personal with high definition sound that makes one feel every single beat and enjoy music for longer with a lengthy battery life and uninterrupted playtime for long hours.

Wireless Headphones Under 1500

Buy Wireless Headphones Online which are lightweight and compact, offer incredible sound and a seamless music listening experience to make the best travel companion. The convenience of hands-free calling and sound experience is within your reach.

Why Should We Buy Wireless Headphones From Lumiford?

Lumiford is a leading audio gadgets and wearables brand, renowned for offering unparalleled sound quality and a bundle of incredible features such as long playtime, mic integration, water resistance, noise cancellation, and much more in its offerings. Everyone loves the splendid diversity of headphones or earphones designs and styles that Lumiford offers on its platform. That is why people head on to Lumiford website to check out what is the latest that Lumiford had to offer.

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